APX Data Releases CAD Integration With Motorola

by | Jun 1, 2020

APX DATA integrates with Motorola’s PremierOne CAD for Collier County, Florida 

APX is pleased to announce partnering with Motorola and integrating with the Motorola PremierOne Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) for the City of Marco Island Fire Department in Collier County, Florida. The Collier County 9-1-1 Sheriff’s office serves a large and diverse jurisdiction in Southern Florida protecting a population of over 340,000 and is responsible for dispatching the Marco Island fire department. 

“Our investment into a simple, easy to deploy CAD integration allows firefighters to access the critical data instantly at times of emergency, when seconds count.” says Paul Martin, CEO of APX Data. “APX continues to set the bar when it comes to leveraging data that you know and trust, such as hydrant information, hazards, fire pre-plans, mapping and inspections, by delivering easy to use applications for firefighters.”


APX is the SmartMobile applications leader delivering critical data management software to thousands of Fire Departments users in North America. To learn more about how we can help your department, please contact us at  1-888-240-0591 or email info@apxdata.com

About APX Data

APX Data (www.apxdata.com) has developed a suite of easy to use, fire department mobile-based applications for non-technical fire users, protecting 1,000’s of high risk structures with real-time mobile access to accurate information in seconds. 

About Motorola’s PremierOne

Motorola Solutions (www.motorolasolutions.com) is a global leader in mission-critical communications. Motorola’s technology platforms in communication, software, video and services help make cities safer; ushering in a new era in public safety and security.

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