SmartTrainer not only gives the department a cost-effective way of implementing training options and of working within limited municipal budgets, but it also enables the department to achieve up to 4 percent ISO rating improvements.

Training reinforces safety

Today, it’s challenging to stay current and to ensure first responders have the knowledge they need to protect their city, especially considering the rapidly growing urban population, expense and time it takes to acquire in-depth building knowledge, and ongoing changes.

With SmartTrainer, first responders can now receive the in-depth training they need when they need it through a Learning Management System (LMS) that’s intuitive, cost effective, and easy to use.

SmartTrainer delivers valuable digital information, enabling responders to become familiar with critical building intelligence in just seconds—information such as building layout, fire department connections, hazards, occupancy, and anomalies within their city.

The anytime, anywhere access to training, and the rapid transfer of critical information to first-responders improves response capabilities and reinforces safety during any emergency operation.

Accessing digitally enriched pre-incident plans

An integral part of APX’s SmartTrainer application is full access to digitally enriched pre-incident plans, layered information that includes photos, annotations, hazards, and much more that will enhance the level of preparedness of first responders. Traditional pre-plans cannot provide this experience, while today’s technology can—it delivers interactive, visual, layered access to information with a simple 1-2 touch of a tablet.

With this information at their fingertips as a training tool, responders will be better prepared to act and not react when seconds count in an emergency operation. With SmartTrainer, responders will have real city information available to them and will always be up to date and familiar with the latest developments in their city.

SmartTrainer also tracks and reports all completed individual training records, providing cities with the added benefit of realizing improved ISO ratings. And when your next audit occurs, you’ll have your reports ready to show compliance and excellence.


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A highly intuitive graphical user interface

For first responders, SmartTrainer provides easy and rapid access to the city information collected and compiled by SmartCapture. In just seconds, responders can access the data and easily navigate and learn about any specific building characteristic—they are on-scene without leaving the firehouse.

And like all personal mobile devices, SmartTrainer interface works like any other personal application, enabling first responders to swipe through categorized images with ease, pinch to zoom for more detail, and so on, making SmartTrainer an extremely powerful and productive tool for first responders.

Our CityScape Platform is comprised of three distinct robust applications:


APX’s revolutionary SmartCapture application combines highly intuitive mobile device software and cloud services to enable easy, efficient, secure and robust capture and management of building and onsite data.


APX’s SmartView application provides a means for rapid and easy access to information captured by SmartCapture—all fully operational within any modern web browser on iOS, Android, and Windows environments—guaranteeing ease-of-access to any designated user.


SmartTrainer, designed by APX solely for emergency services, will give first responders the ability to easily and quickly familiarize themselves with their city through enriched pre-incident plans created with SmartCapture.