SmartView easily enables the user to access any type of data needed, including the location of all SmartCapture buildings on a map, and a search box that enables rapid access to all building records. SmartView also delivers the ability to immediately share building records with team members by sending a temporary link via email or mobile text message—invaluable for interagency interoperability at times of emergency.

A Highly Intuitive Graphical-User-Interface

Upon selection of a building, a highly intuitive graphical-user-interface enables incredibly easy access to all information captured. Users can navigate by section headings, or by simply tapping on annotation icons on images. And like all personal mobile devices, the SmartView interface works like any other personal application, enabling the user to intuitively swipe through categorized images with ease, pinch to zoom for more detail, and more.

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Highly Robust Security

When it comes to security, APX is at the leading edge, ensuring that a web administrator provides a dashboard that reports sharing and access activities. Furthermore, SmartView uses advanced cryptographic certificates to allow easy but secure access without having to manage logins. Security is further enhanced through use of data encryption for all information transfer.


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APX’s revolutionary SmartCapture application combines highly intuitive mobile device software and cloud services to enable easy, efficient, secure and robust capture and management of building and onsite data.

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