Since its inception, APX Building and Onsite Data Solutions has fully embraced and revolutionized the concept of Smart City infrastructure. APX knows that manageable and accessible data that can be easily and securely shared with any organization and individual is essential for success in the modern age. It is for this reason that APX has become the unequivocal North American leader in Smart City Building and Onsite Data Solutions.

With the APX CityScape Suite, EMS first responders, law enforcement and military, and building services professionals can now quickly and easily create comprehensive building and onsite data records, sharing to any designated party with ease. The CityScape Suite is comprised of two distinct robust applications: SmartCapture and SmartView.

APX’s revolutionary SmartCapture application combines highly intuitive mobile device software and cloud services to enable easy, efficient, secure and robust capture and management of building and onsite data, while SmartView provides the means for rapid and easy access to information captured by SmartCapture—all fully operational within any modern web browser on iOS, Android, and Windows environments—guaranteeing ease-of-access to any designated user.

It’s no surprise that the amount of data is growing exponentially every day in every industry. Combine that with the advent of mobile devices, and data becomes the single most important tool that we have to manage our work, our lives, our environments, and more. The question becomes, why should EMS, Law Enforcement, Military, Building Services, and others, be excluded from the opportunities inherent in this new data paradigm? The answer, they shouldn’t—and now they aren’t.

Simply put, Smart Cities equal Smarter Results.

Intuitive & Easy

APX’s CityScape Platform delivers technology that is intuitive, that is easy to use, and that requires minimum to almost no training—technology that takes just minutes to understand and use quickly and effectively.