Connecting to the Fire Department: Understanding Fire Department Connections

A Fire Department Connection (FDC) is a connection point located on the exterior of a building that allows firefighters to quickly and easily connect to the building’s water supply. The FDC is typically located near the main entrance of a building and is easily identifiable by a red cover or sign.

The FDC is used to provide a reliable water source for firefighters during an emergency. When firefighters arrive at a fire scene, they will locate the FDC and connect their hose to it. This allows them to tap into the building’s water supply and use it to fight the fire.

FDCs are typically connected to the building’s standpipe system, which is a network of pipes that runs throughout the building and provides water to various points throughout the structure. This allows firefighters to access the water supply from multiple locations, which can be especially helpful during a fire in a high-rise building.

It’s important for building owners and managers to ensure that their FDCs are in good working condition, and that they are easily accessible to firefighters. This can include keeping the FDC clear of snow, ice, or other obstacles, and ensuring that the connection is not damaged or obstructed in any way.

In summary, the Fire Department Connection (FDC) is a crucial aspect of fire safety and plays a vital role in providing water for firefighters to fight the fire. Building owners and managers should ensure that their FDCs are in good working condition and easily accessible to firefighters at all times.

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Last Updated on February 22, 2023