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Any departments near me using APX?

APX has 1000s of firefighters using our software, across the country, on a daily basis. Chances are there is one near you. All of our customers readily act as references, and are more than happy to share their experience with any prospective users.

Could this be used to also collect additional types of data?
Absolutely. The flexible form configuration allows the APX solution to easily meet the various data capture needs of our customers.
Is APX compatible with CAD, RMS, CMS, GIS, etc?
The APX solutiion utilizes open APIs, so the technical foundation is in place for APX to interface with most other systems.

With APX, you won’t have to start from 0. We can work with you to import your existing data from your RMS, CMS, or other data sources.

Will the APX solution allow me to easily collect easy-to-use, easy-to-understand data while on site?
Yes. uniform data collection based on drop-down menus reduce the ambiguity of SOP/technical terms, while enabling inspections & pre-plan data to be quickly and accurately completed. Data collision detection allows for multiple users to work on the same plan, using separate devices. Images can be easily annotated with icons, drawings, and text to further enhance the collected information within the pre-plan or inspection record.
Can you have PDFs available for backup?
Yes. The APX solution allows customer Admins to export their data to a number of formats, including PDF.
Can it work outside of internet coverage?
Yes. The APX solution allows users to both capture and use data without persistent coverage. Capture users can save the data locally to their device, and can sync up any changes when connectivity is re-established. View users can sync down the data while in coverage, and then have access even if connectivity is lost.
What are the differences between APX and CAD or RMS?

RMS/CAD implementations can take 2+ years to complete; APX provides a turn-key solution that’s easily adoptable (low price, ease of use/training/configuration) by the department to solve your data-capturing needs today, while having that data interfaceable with your current & future systems. The APX solution can be adopted risk-free, as all your data belongs to you and can be imported in any future modern system.

Can you import data from other internal databases to give us a running start?

APX can import your existing data, allowing you to leverage work already completed. With APX, you don’t have to start from 0. 

Last Updated on June 7, 2023