As a vendor serving fire departments, we get asked a lot of questions by Fire Chiefs, Inspection Leads, and Firefighters who value what APX CityScape can do for them. 

We’re always happy to answer great questions. So to make things easier for everyone, we’ve compiled this handy list of FAQs:

Q: Can APX work outside of internet or cellular coverage?

A: Yes. The APX solution allows users to capture and use data without online connectivity. Users capturing data can save it to their device and sync with the system when connectivity is re-established, while users viewing pre-plans in the field keep access even if connectivity is lost.

Q: What’s the difference between APX, CAD and RMS?

A: While RMS/CAD implementations often take 2-plus years to complete, APX can be up and running in days for less cost and hardly any training or configuration required. It’s also flexible enough to solve your current data capture needs while being able to interface with any past or future systems you’ve used or choose to on-board. APX is also risk-free because all your data belongs to you and can be extracted at any time.

Q: Is APX compatible with CAD, RMS, CMS, GIS, or similar systems?

A: With APX, you never start from zero – we’ll work with you to import your existing data from any sources required. APX also has the technical foundation to be able to interface with other systems.

Q: Are any fire departments near me using APX?

A: APX is 100% user recommended and has thousands of customers at fire departments across the U.S. Chances are, there’s one near you.

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Last Updated on February 26, 2020