Fire departments ability to complete post-fire analysis greatly improved

by | Apr 27, 2022

APX Launches SmartInvestigate, a Legally Compliant Fire Departments Investigation Solution

Indianapolis, IN, Apr 27, 2022 – SmartInvestigate launched today to allow fire departments complete investigations and produce corresponding legally compliant documentation easily and efficiently. This newest solution by APX is designed to allow fire and safety industry to reduce costs, simplify work processes and improve employee retention.

SmartInvestigate helps fire departments conduct step-by-step standardized investigations adding narrative descriptions of the findings as mandated by NFPA 921 requirements. The software combines highly intuitive mobile device apps and cloud services to enable effortless, efficient, secure, and robust investigative methods. This results in clear, accurate, and accessible reports that help department staff reduce rework, effort and stress.

Investigating post-fire incidents is critical to understanding the reason for fires, preventing possible fires to occur in the future, and keeping the community safe by educating the fire causes and how to prevent it. From science to shoving to sifting through the debris, Fire Investigators need to keep track of all tiny clues in order to determine a cause, says Paul Martin, the President and CEO of APX. “A good Fire Safety Program starts with identifying the problem, planning mitigation steps, implementing the plan, and evaluating the results. Fire investigation is one of the most important step of identifying problem and evaluating the results of the Fire Safety Program.

SmartInvestigate is cloud based, making it easy for collaboration, real-time sharing with team members, and can also be used for trending and analysis. Further; collecting data in a standardized way makes analysis easy, straightforward and allows fire investigatiors to automatically create legally compliant documents that can be used in any proceedings.

SmartInvestigate can be used as a “Stand Alone” application or complements the rest of the APX Suite of Fire Prevention, Fire Response, and Fire Reporting Software. By adding SmartInvestigate, APX brings additional value to Fire Departments in their quest to make communities safer and keep firefighters safe. To learn more about SmartInvestigate, visit https://apxdata.com/smartinvestigate/.

About APX

APX has been serving fire departments for years with over one hundred thousand digital records created with our applications. Not only has this made fire departments more efficient, it has proven to be the most effective and valuable method for departments to streamline their standards and reporting obligations. Saving time is the return on investment, time that is better applied to firefighting versus administrative duties. 

For more information, please visit https://apxdata.com/ and follow us on Twitter at @apxdata.

For media inquiries, please contact Paul Martin, President and CEO, APX Data, 1-888-240-0591, paul.martin@apxdata.com.


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