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COVID-19 has changed every industry, including Fire Departments. While we all try and cope with the new “normal” and places opening up, fire departments across the nation are experiencing budget cutbacks, furloughs, and worst of all, possible fire station shutdowns. 

We still need our essential emergency services to serve the public. But how do you continue to do so? The answer lies in the technology you adopt, saving your department time, money and staying compliant.

Fire Prevention Officers are making incredible improvements in the productivity of pre-planning and inspections.

Between equipment, personnel, and training – having all of this on standby – Fire Departments are incredibly expensive to run. 

Fire Prevention Officers are making incredible improvements in the productivity of pre-planning and inspections and gaining access to more detailed building information than ever before. Community stakeholders, such as building and business owners, are receiving concise and efficient Fire Inspection Reports, and fire departments are gaining more public trust. 

It’s time for fire departments to realize the opportunity that tech presents when it comes to protecting their communities.

The latest technology solutions are easy to learn and make it far easier to keep communities safer with sharable and interactive pre-plans and inspections. Fire Departments across the country are already feeling the benefits of modernizing and seeing the cost-savings while keeping their communities safer.

Monterey California chooses APX Data

Take the Fire Department of Monterey, Californiawith a merger of several municipal departments, each with a pre-planning process, it was time to consolidate and rethink pre-planning for the department. Naturally, they embraced Smart Tech, and it made a huge improvement to their productivity (not to mention, a 20% in cost-saving). Brendan Connolly, a firefighter at Monterey Fire Department explains;


“This is pre-planning for the 21st century, where a fire company can go out, spend time at the building with an iPad in hand, and have a completed pre-plan by the time they get back to the rig.”

The time to adapt to the digital world is now. Without adapting to the times, budget cuts and worse could be on the horizon. Staying connected will make the world safer for all of us.

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