The Easiest, Fastest Way To Capture & Share Fire Inspections.

Get better fire inspections from the field in a fraction of the time.

APX SmartInspect fire inspection software is the easiest,

fastest and most effective way to capture and

share up-to-the-minute fire inspections.

Smart Inspect Fire Inspection Software


APX SmartInspect is an easy-to-use fire inspection software that facilitates fast and accurate fire code assessment compliance inspections from any mobile device.

 With SmartInspect, your fire department’s inspection activities are completed in the field with your mobile device, so inspectors don’t need to go back to the station to complete their reports. Codes are associated with every violation for easy data entry and review. SmartInspect also automatically generates an inspection report that’s emailed to building owners or managers outlining findings, pass/fail violations, and any associated by-laws or state/industry requirements. Boom – inspection complete

SmartInspect’s time-saving features allow you to:

  • Manage fire inspections: Easily schedule, manage – such as assigning, reassigning, or rescheduling – and complete fire inspections in a fraction of the time it used to take.
  • Track activities: A powerful administrative portal and analytics dashboard allows users to easily track inspection histories, common violations, and other important information.
  • Enforce compliance: SmartInspect automatically links any violations with the appropriate NFPA, CAFI, ISO, or other standards.
  • Collect better data: Pick-lists and dropdowns allow for faster and more accurate data collection or augmentation, while photos of observed violations and any annotations are instantly embedded in inspection reports.
  • Offline functionality: Quickly complete inspections even in remote areas with no network access, with all inspections synced to the cloud when connectivity is re-established.
  • Double your productivity: Because much of the information collected is the same, fire departments can use APX CityScape to simultaneously complete inspection requests while also completing NFPA 1620-compliant pre-incident plans of the same property.

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“With APX, we’ve found that better way!”

We were sitting at a table looking at a stack of PDFs, and we just said to ourselves, ‘there has to be a better way’. With APX, we’ve found that better way and, in doing so, we’ve made our jobs easier and safer.”

Fire Marshal, Cliff Robinson, Florrisant Valley, Missouri

“We’ve pre-planned every business in the county. We’ve investigated every fire in the county.”

We’ve inspected every business in the county. We’ve pre-planned every business in the county. We’ve investigated every fire in the county…[APX] has allowed us to go from not getting them all done to getting them all done. It’s that simple.

Fire Marshal, Bryan Cash, Hall County, Georgia

“APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters and heighten preparedness with ease and cost efficiency…”

We moved to smart mobile technology allowing us to easily capture and enter the information and subsequently allowing department members to have immediate access.  APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters and heighten preparedness with ease and cost efficiency.

Fire Chief Tracey Kujawa, Wausau Fire Department, Wisconsin