APXData vs FireHouse

Adapting to Changing Needs and Technology

Countless fire departments in the United States and Canada, in their pursuit of operational modernization, struggle to find a solution that not only fulfills their immediate needs but also possesses the flexibility to adapt to future requirements. Constrained by limited budgets and cost-cutting initiatives, these departments are frequently pushed to increase efficiency while working with fewer resources.

While APXData delivers an uncomplicated and sufficient solution, Firehouse presents a more complex but powerful option packed with a wide array of features and capabilities. However, the intricacy of such a solution often requires a significant investment that Fire Departments may not always be equipped to provide.

While it might appear unsurprising that we advocate for APX Data as a superior alternative, our recommendation is grounded in solid reasoning. Being the creators of a comprehensive FireHouse software alternative, we are well-versed with the distinct requirements of firefighters. Hence, we have meticulously crafted our solution to cater to these specific needs.

APX Data is revolutionizing the realms of fire department response, compliance, and reporting with its cutting-edge, user-friendly software solution, establishing itself as the most formidable alternative to FireHouse.

What distinguishes APXData from FireHouse?

However, the complexity associated with it often translates into significant expenses for the organization. This investment may not always be feasible for Fire Departments due to their budget constraints.

Mobile Fire RMS

Strategic simplicity is a key advantage when complexity can be intimidating. APXData strikes a perfect balance as a mobile RMS, offering enough power without burdening users with excessive data entry and workflow management — a major consideration for typical volunteer departments.

Affordable solution

Firefighters, particularly volunteers, deserve a system that’s easy to learn and use. Data entry should be streamlined to the essentials. In some cases, less truly is more. With its intuitive, user-friendly design, APXData serves as a simple yet effective reporting software that firefighters can effortlessly operate even in the middle of the night.

Migrating incident data from FireHouse to APX Data

Transitioning to a contemporary mobile platform, APX Data ensures a smooth shift by bridging the gap between your current data solution and the future. It effortlessly imports all your existing records, simplifying the process for your department to leverage today’s Smart Mobile capabilities for capturing, managing, and reporting data.

With a design centered on the specific demands of fire departments, APX Data ensures adherence to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. This software solution refines data management processes, makes reporting more straightforward, and boosts the overall productivity of fire departments. As a result, it allows them to devote their full attention to their primary mission: the protection of life and property.

Customizable Products

Choose a Comprehensive Solution or Select Tailored Products

Incident response map

Provide information on virtually all buildings in your response area, encompassing details such as building size, location, type, nearest hydrant specifics, and more.

Every Structure

Dispatch Notifications

Share information

Hydrants information

Pre-plans and inspection reports

Incident response map

Pre-incident planning

Gather data and instantly develop a fire pre-plan using your mobile device, regardless of your location, with immediate access to pre-plans upon creation.

Real-time, easy to use

Image capture and annotation

Offline functionality

Customizable forms and fields

Improve situational awareness

Pre-incident planning


Inspectors can complete activities on-site using a mobile device, eliminating the need to return to the station to finish reports.

Complete Inspections On-Site

Manage inspections and schedules

Track activities

Enforce compliance

Permits and Invoicing



Efficiently collect field data with a mobile device, removing redundancy and securely saving findings. Auto-generated PDF reports for closed investigations are available to Admin users. Access dashboards showing open/closed investigations, fire types, causes, and investigator statistics.

Data collection in the field

Autogenerated Reports

NFPA 921 Compliant

Investigation Dashboards


NFIRS Reporting

Simplifies NFIRS reporting, replacing complex software with an easy, form-based input. Enjoy a seamless user experience, submit reports anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With full NFIRS 5.0 compliance and USFA vendor approval, ensure top-quality reports.

Field and Form level validation

Smart mobile platform

Automatic compliance updates

Statistical incident reporting

NFIRS Reporting

Community Outreach

A dedicated solution designed for fire safety to efficiently manage events and activities within your community. This user-friendly platform enables the seamless organization and coordination of community initiatives, fostering stronger connections and promoting public safety awareness.

Track activities

Community engagement

Extend fire prevention efforts

Produce reports

Community Outreach

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Migrate to APX

Working hand-in-hand with firefighters and academia, APX has developed a suite of easy to use, user-driven fire pre-planning and inspection solutions that help firefighters reduce risk and save lives by providing real-time access to accurate data or information at times of emergency.