How do modern technology solutions help fire departments with investigations? Here are 5 proven ways

by | Apr 14, 2022

For emergency services across North America looking to stretch every dollar, finding more ways to leverage technology to increase departmental efficiency is becoming increasingly important. Digital preplans and inspections, advanced Mobile-First devices, and simple integrations between essential parts of the Response Software Ecosystem, these are just a few of the areas in which Fire Departments are seeing real improvements from adopting the right technologies.

APX’s modern software solutions are available to help Fire Departments bridge the gap from pen and paper — the Past — to detailed and compliant reports automatically output from digital data collected on scene — the Future. From preplanning, inspections, training, permitting, to response applications and now, post-incident reports software. With SmartInvestigate, APX continues on its mission to help fire departments to modernize and transform. Your department will benefit from simultaneously increasing your fire investigations capabilities and efficiently outputting consistent and compliant investigations reports.

SmartInvestigate is a modern, cloud-based solution that drives both efficiency and consistency with Fire Investigations and Post Incident Reporting. Leveraging a tool like SmartInvestigate will give you these benefits:

1. Out-of-the-Box Compliance

SmartInvestigate guides investigators through the completion of NFPA 921 compliant investigation reports. Seasoned investigators have a simple tool to start fire investigations and collect the required data in their preferred sequence and manner. Alternatively, a fire captain can begin an investigation in the field right after knockdown, and be sure that they know all the right questions to ask witnesses, occupants, etc., and which fire scene elements to document.

2. Investigations Simplified

Simple output of detailed investigation reports. Guided approach to investigations. Consistent report formatting regardless of personnel. Auto-generated investigation narratives and tailored investigation forms for different fire types ensure that the right information is collected, with no unnecessary efforts or data entry required.

3. Greater Efficiency

Digital data collection in the field using a tablet or smartphone, reports generated from the collected data with a single tap. Take paper out of the equation, and remove the rework and man-hours required to write a report back at the station. Investigations can be started at the initial fire scene by a fire captain, then taken over by an investigator when they arrive on scene.

4. Investigations at a Glance

Easy to use administrative tools that provide a high level view of investigations, activity and dashboards of investigation statistics. Seamless changeover of investigation assignments, with all changes to investigation reports logged and timestamped.

5. Training post incidents

Easy to access information provides the fire department with a tool to be able to review information collected at the scene and review, improve or build on the success of what worked well.

SmartInvestigate is a valuable addition to the modern fire department’s digital toolbox,” says Alex Bowlby, Deputy Chief of Pinellas Park Fire Department. “All personnel are held to, and follow, the same standards of data collection and report generation for investigations, making it simple for the department to meet NFPA 921 standards,” he said. “The digital data collection and auto-generation of investigation reports also removes duplication of effort, as there’s nothing left to do back at the station. If you’re looking for a tool to bring your fire investigations into the 21st century, this is it.

Want to learn more about how this newest investigation app can transform your department? Contact us today!


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