IAFC Identifies Data “As A Wicked Problem For Fire Departments”

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Community risk is top of mind for all fire departments in the North America. Using reliable data and information to reduce community risk is now available thanks to mobile technology.

Communities are growing at a rapid rate and things are changing faster than anyone can absorb.

fire fighters using fire Pre-plans
If you’re not using mobile technology to capture and retrieve mission-critical data, you are falling behind and putting firefighters and your community at risk. Sean Tracy, former Director of the Canadian Council of Fire Marshals and appointed the first Canadian Regional Director for NFPA, said it best,
“[Not digitally collecting community information] jeopardizes your response effectiveness and the lives of your firefighters. Further, you’re costing your team valuable time that can be used in more effective ways and leaving municipal funds on the table.”
Sean Tracey

FIFireE, Deputy Chief (Retired), Ottawa Fire

“Data” is identified as one of the Five Wicked Issues fire departments are facing today by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). The IAFC recognizes that community risk reduction comes at a premium and Fire Chiefs need to prepare and make sure they know their communities. Fire Chiefs need to ask themselves,Are we doing enough to give our crews the best chance for success?” 

New technologies are being implemented by fire departments across North America at a rapid rate. 

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Forward-thinking fire departments are taking full advantage of the data revolution to reduce community risk by having accurate information readily available when seconds count. Pre-incident planning can now be achieved with the aid of mobile technology to collect information such as the size and location of structures including residential buildings, water flow requirements, closest fire hydrants, full site plans with 360° street views, and much more. More importantly, all of this information is available to firefighters before the truck even rolls out of the station using APX’s SmartMAP technology. SmartMAP brings the data to life and displays information on a map, presents the preplan with a single click, and is interactive giving the Incident Commander the ability to place assets, such as engines, right on the map.

At the end of the day, we’re all looking to protect our communities and our firefighters. The effective use of data can help you do that better than ever before.

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Last Updated on August 25, 2021