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A Digital Revolution For Fire Departments

How APX’s Software helps Marco Island Fire-Rescue Department

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Hall County, Georgia

Fire Marshal, Bryan Cash

Florissant Valley, Missouri

Fire Marshal, Cliff Robinson

Monterey, California

Firefighter, Brendan Connolly

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A Digital Revolution For Fire Departments Is Underway



SmartMAP brings enhanced awareness to any response, residential or commercial. Key location-based information like hydrant info—distance to building, flow rates, etc. are automatically presented to the user for any address instantly. Data gathered digitally through preplans and inspections is also readily accessible, making more information available to Incident Commanders and Firefighters.



SmartInspect is an easy-to-use application that allows for quick completion of fire inspections, along with accurate and instant access to data. It capitalizes on APX’s existing advanced technology already found in its CityScape platform, already used by many fire departments for pre-incident planning.



SmartCapture is a mobile application that speeds up the creation and data collection of tactical pre-incident plans by as much as 1,200%. It combines intuitive mobile software with cloud technology to enable easy, efficient, secure and robust capture and management of building and onsite data.



SmartView provides firefighters and other emergency services personnel rapid and easy access to information captured in SmartCapture, available on any device and shareable with other first responders regardless of branch or station.



SmartTrainer was designed by APX solely for firefighters, giving firefighters the ability to easily and quickly familiarize themselves with their city through enriched pre-incident plans created with SmartCapture.

Last Updated on November 2, 2022