Master Streams: Delivering Large Volumes of Water

A master stream is a high-volume water delivery system used by firefighters to extinguish large fires. These systems can include deck guns, monitor nozzles, and aerial devices, and they can deliver hundreds of gallons of water per minute. Master streams are typically mounted on fire trucks or used by ladder companies and are powerful enough to reach high-rise buildings, and large commercial and industrial structures.

Firefighters use master streams to attack a fire from a distance, and they can be used to create a defensive barrier to prevent the fire from spreading. They can also be used to cool down hot spots and keep the fire under control. Master streams are particularly useful when fighting fires in high-rise buildings or large industrial complexes, where the fire can be difficult to reach with ground-level hoses.

When using a master stream, firefighters must be careful to aim the water stream at the base of the fire, rather than the top, to prevent the fire from spreading. They must also be aware of the potential for water damage to the building or surrounding areas and take steps to minimize it.

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Last Updated on February 22, 2023