FDID Lookups – NFIRS

What is an FDID – Fire Department Identifier / Number?

A Fire Department Identifier (FDID) is a unique fire department identifier, sometimes thought of as a fire department number. States (and territories) assign an FDID to each fire department, and FDIDs are primarily used for NFIRS fire incident reporting – for the departments records themselves and to reference other departments. Use the FDID number when entering aid provided NFIRS information to refer to mutual-aid and auto-aid partners.

What is my Fire Department Identifier (FDID / Fire Department number) ?

There are no NFIRS FDIDs for individual firefighters, they are for the fire department. Lookup your department FDID below.

Fire Department Numbers / Identifiers (FDIDs)

Here are the NFIRS Fire Department Identifiers (FDIDs) for all states & territories

Last Updated on April 8, 2023