NFIRS 5.0 Element: ‘Automatic Extinguishment System (AES) Failure Reason’

Définition : The reason why the automatic extinguishing system failed to operate or did not operate properly.
Purpose : Information on the effectiveness of an AES is important for understanding the reasons why systems fail so they can be redesigned or additional safeguards put in place.
Entry : Check or mark the box that best describes why the AES failed to operate or was not effective.

Element Specification

 Specification   Value 
Requirement Optional
Expected Length 1
Element Type Coded Field – The coded field relating to an entry in the code table. Most coded fields allow for Plus+ One codes. For these fields the expected length of the coded entry is depicted as (National length OR Plus+ One length). Only fields with this notation in the expected length column allow for Plus+ One definitions. If the user has not provided information, an empty field should be transmitted.


Here are the NFIRS codes for the ‘Automatic Extinguishment System (AES) Failure Reason’ element

Automatic Extinguishment System (AES) Failure Reason  Code 
System Shut Off 1
Not Enough Agent Discharged To Control The Fire 2
Agent Discharged, But Did Not Reach The Fire 3
Inappropriate System For The Type Of Fire 4
Fire Not In Area Protected By The System 5
System Components Damaged 6
Lack Of Maintenance, Including Corrosion Or Heads Painted 7
Manual Intervention Defeated The System 8
Reason System Not Effective, Other 0
Undetermined U

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Last Updated on March 25, 2023