NFIRS 5.0 Element: ‘Factor Contributing To Injury’

by | Mar 13, 2023

Définition : The most significant factor contributing to the injury of the fire service casualty.
Purpose : This element provides additional information on how an injury occurred. The analysis of this information may permit an understanding of the events causing the injury and a means of planning suitable preventive techniques.
Entry : Enter the two-digit code and description of the most significant factor contributing to the injury. Check or mark the None box if there was no apparent factor that contributed to the injury.

Element Specification

 Specification   Value 
Requirement Optional
Expected Length 2
Element Type Coded Field – The coded field relating to an entry in the code table. Most coded fields allow for Plus+ One codes. For these fields the expected length of the coded entry is depicted as (National length OR Plus+ One length). Only fields with this notation in the expected length column allow for Plus+ One definitions. If the user has not provided information, an empty field should be transmitted.


Here are the NFIRS codes for the ‘Factor Contributing To Injury’ element

Collapse or Falling Object
11 Roof collapse.
12 Wall collapse.
13 Floor collapse.
14 Ceiling collapse.
15 Stair collapse.
16 Falling objects.
17 Cave-in (earth).
10 Collapse or falling object, other.
Fire Development
21 Fire progress. Includes smoky conditions.
22 Backdraft.
23 Flashover.
24 Explosion.
20 Fire development, other.
Lost, Caught, Trapped, or Confined
31 Person physically caught or trapped. Excludes persons directly injured by a structural collapse or falling object
(10 series).
32 Lost in building.
33 Operating in confined structural areas. Includes attics and crawl spaces.
34 Operating under water or ice.
30 Lost, caught, trapped, or confined, other.
41 Unguarded hole in structure.
42 Hole burned through roof.
43 Hole burned through floor.
40 Holes, other.
Slippery or Uneven Surfaces
51 Icy surface.
52 Wet surface. Includes water, soap, foam, lubricating materials, etc.
53 Loose material on surface.
54 Uneven surface. Includes holes in the ground.
50 Slippery or uneven surfaces, other.
Vehicle or Apparatus
61 Vehicle left road or overturned.
62 Vehicle collided with another vehicle.
63 Vehicle collided with nonvehicular object.
64 Vehicle stopped too fast.
65 Seat belt not fastened.
66 Firefighter standing on apparatus.
60 Vehicle or apparatus, other.
Other Contributing Factors
91 Civil unrest. Includes riots and civil disturbances.
92 Hostile acts.
00 Factor contributing to injury, other.
NN None.
UU Undetermined.

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