NFIRS 5.0 Element: ‘Incident Number (Identifier)’

Définition : A unique number assigned to an incident.
The Incident Number is a sequential number and is numeric only; it is not an incident identification number.
Purpose : In conjunction with other required Section A fields, this element uniquely identifies each incident.
Entry : Enter the number assigned to the incident. The number may be assigned at the local, county, or district level, depending on policies. It may be necessary to obtain this number from an alarm or dispatch center. It must be unique for each incident on a given day.

Element Specification

 Specification   Value 
Requirement Mandatory
Maximum Length 7
Element Type Numeric – Integer numbers (no decimal points). If the user has not provided information, an empty field should be transmitted. All integer values are assumed to be positive. Any fields which allow a negative integer value have been denoted with ‘+ or –’ in the comment field. Negative numbers should be transmitted with the minus sign preceding the digits. – Maximum length 7 characters

Relational Edit Rules for ‘Incident Number (Identifier)’

NFIRS defines Relational edit rules to ensure data consistency and accuracy in its database. These are the rules for ‘Incident Number (Identifier)’.

Rule Group  Overview 
Relational Edit Rule 1 Transaction Key must be Unique.

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