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Virginia, United States, August 5th, 2020

Norfolk Fire-Rescue has recently stepped into the future of firefighting by implementing new data capturing and management capabilities to gain valuable insight into their emergency response and being better equipped to protect the city. 

Norfolk Fire-Rescue has chosen APX Data who have worked with firefighters across the United States to create the best, easy to use tools that modernize and make easy the task of collecting preplans/inspection data. Norfolk Fire Rescue will now have, at their fingertips, information such as fire hydrant locations, fire flow requirements, street views, inside building layout and much, much more — instantly.

“Modernizing data availability in their department will decrease risk to their firefighters and increase Norfolk’s ability to protect their community.”

“APX continues to strive to help fire departments modernize at a time when data is now becoming one of the most valuable assets in today’s modern firefighting world. Smart Mobile technology is widely used by consumers but now departments like Norfolk Fire-Rescue are also benefiting from these rich capabilities. Modernizing data availability in their department will decrease risk to their firefighters and increase Norfolk’s ability to better protect their community.” says Paul Martin, APX President/CEO.

About Norfolk Fire-Rescue (https://www.norfolk.gov/596/Fire-Rescue)

The City of Norfolk has a rich history of quality and innovative response to emergencies. Over 100 years of fire service response and over 30 years of pre-hospital emergency medical service (EMS) response have resulted in high service delivery standards for the members of Norfolk Fire-Rescue (NFR). Over the years, calls for service have changed and NFR’s operational response has changed to meet the challenges.

About APX Data (www.apxdata.com

APX is an innovative software company built with firefighters for firefighters that delivers critical life saving capabilities to fire departments in America. With a suite of intuitive, easy to use applications, there are 1,000s of fire department users currently using APX protecting millions in population with real-time mobile access to accurate data when seconds count.

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