Rapid Intervention Crew/Group/Team (RIC, RIG, or RIT): Understanding the Importance in Firefighting

A Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC), Group (RIG), or Team (RIT) is a specially trained and equipped team of firefighters that is on standby during firefighting operations. Their primary responsibility is to quickly and safely rescue firefighters who become lost, trapped, or injured while working at a fire scene.

When a firefighter is in trouble, the RIC/RIG/RIT is called to the scene to quickly locate and extricate the firefighter. They are equipped with specialized rescue equipment and are trained in advanced rescue techniques.

The RIC/RIG/RIT is a critical component of the fire department’s safety program. They provide a safety net for firefighters working at a fire scene, and their quick response can mean the difference between life and death for a firefighter in trouble.

Firefighters use APX Fire RMS Software solutions to inspect, investigate, map, pre-plan, fire hydrant and NFIRS report to their firefighting operations.

Last Updated on February 22, 2023