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You’re An ISO 1 Fire Department, Now What?

Less than 1% of Fire Departments are part of the ISO 1 Class, but how can a department achieve this and maintain it? It’s easier than ever to implement the latest tools to stay ahead of the curve and keep your community and team safer.

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Firefighting Standards Reduce Risk & Liability

Firefighting has come a long way in the last 30 years and standards are the main reason why risk and liability have been reduced; we all know and often take it for granted and if anyone ever questions about standards and compliance, your Fire Department must take notice.

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The Real Price Of Not Modernizing Your Fire Department

When municipal budgets are being slashed, while Fire Departments increase their risks, their services are in high demand (and growing), being proactive and modernizing is the only way to go to protect your community, and avoid deadly fires with extraordinary costs.

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Remote Pre-planning in the Time of COVID-19

Remote data collection is a strategy that many APX Customers have successfully used while limiting time spent in public space, to not only drive efficiency—a valuable thing with a reduced staff—but to create and update pre-plans when site visits are limited/not possible.

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Fire Department Artificial Intelligence & Community Data Are Now A Reality. Join industry experts as they ... discuss what it means for your Fire Department


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