Collecting Comprehensive Fire Pre-plans Is Only Half The Battle

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Fire Departments play a vital role in keeping communities safer through their fire prevention programs and pre-planning their community. But having comprehensive and thorough information ensures a far more efficient fire response, reducing loss of property and life – if available.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliance standard is devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, standards that clearly outline the mandatory requirements when it comes to protecting your community. Fire Departments are already aware of these, but many are struggling to meet the MINIMUM of 80% of their community – until now with APX Data.

Smart Software for fire pre-plans and inspections is quickly gaining popularity, and it’s about time. It’s about time that your Fire Department can walk into a public building and walk out with a comprehensive fire pre-plan within 20 minutes, all while conducting a thorough inspection. This vital information is then instantly available to your engine companies and can be shared with your Mutual-aid or other partners. Adopting the right software for your department makes the difference to resurface that information, run reports, and apply it to reduce your community risk.

It’s about time that your Fire Department can walk into a public building and walk out with a comprehensive fire pre-plan within 20 minutes.

But let’s talk about gaining access to that trusted information at times of an emergency. Getting the data out to your engine company instantly is the real deal today to ensure your risk reduction efforts are actually achieved – information that is available immediately could make the difference of life or death, and will reduce damage and economic loss during a fire.

If you’re not optimizing your operations and collecting comprehensive fire pre-incident and inspections — with the most updated and best available software — you’re falling behind. This jeopardizes your response effectiveness and potentially the lives of your community members and firefighters. Further, you’re costing your team valuable time that can be used in more effective ways and leaving municipal funds on the table.


Ask us about SmartConnect, your community connection and self-reporting information portal, and about the 8 million structure details we have to help your department!

NFPA & IAFC Preincident Planning and Code Enforcement Mandatory Standard

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Paul Martin, President & CEO, APX Data

Paul Martin has devoted his career to public safety. He has helped departments across Canada and the United States through his work with Airbus and Motorola Public Safety Divisions. He is currently the founder and CEO of APX Data, a company devoted exclusively to helping fire departments modernize their fire prevention, response and fire investigations through the use of mobile technology. APX Data was first to market, introducing smart mobile applications to the fire service in 2013. APX has validated information on over 140 million structures in its database for all of the U.S., and is growing at a rate of more than 50% year over year. To talk to Paul, please connect with him on LinkedIn, visit apxdata.com or call 1-888-240-0591.

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