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Fixing a fire department’s technology gap

In this modern age of technological wonder, where all aspects of life are connected to a myriad of devices and systems, why is it that fire departments and emergency services are so far behind the curve?

I’m sorry, who is responsible for public safety?

In the era of big data, just like those of past technological advances, there are always those who jump into the fray hoping to make money off of yet-to-be-understood technological paradigms. Though commendable as it pertains to the entrepreneurial spirit, the outcome...

The Future for First Responders is Now

It appears as though with every coming day, new technology is being introduced: gadgets, apps, and connectivity that make our lives better, faster, easier, and more enjoyable. The evolution of technology seems to be a real-time study and a living example of the famed...

Prepare first responders with a pre-plan and smart mobile devices

It’s the twenty-first century, and we’re connected through technology more than ever before. Unfortunately, that can’t be said of those who risk their lives every day to do their job. Ask yourself: Are your first responders leveraging smart and mobile technologies...

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