The Impact Of Modernizing High Ridge Fire District

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Modernizing High Ridge Fire District During COVID-19

In the middle of a pandemic, High Ridge Fire District, Missouri implemented APX Data mapping and preplanning software enabling them to collect 100% of their community data requirements with limited department resources.

Listen, as Division Chief/Fire Marshal Ron Tisius explains firsthand how his fire department has been able to reduce their community risk, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

High Ridge Fire District was able to save time, money, and risk, making their community safer. 

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Paul Martin, President & CEO, APX Data

Paul Martin has devoted his career to public safety. He has helped departments across Canada and the United States through his work with Airbus and Motorola Public Safety Divisions. He is currently the founder and CEO of APX Data, a company devoted exclusively to helping fire departments modernize their fire prevention, response and fire investigations through the use of mobile technology. APX Data was first to market, introducing smart mobile applications to the fire service in 2013. APX has validated information on over 140 million structures in its database for all of the U.S., and is growing at a rate of more than 50% year over year. To talk to Paul, please connect with him on LinkedIn, visit apxdata.com or call 1-888-240-0591.

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