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North America, June 19, 2020

APX Data, the North American leader in delivering critical data management software used by Fire Departments, announces today that they are launching their latest capability called SmartMAP by APX. Richmond Fire Rescue Department will be among the first Fire Departments in North America to receive the software. 

SmartMAP by APX is designed for Incident Commanders and Firefighters to access critical information or data in seconds. With a single touch, valuable information like building size, location, type, nearest fire hydrant, flow requirements/capabilities, street & satellite view, turn by turn directions and more are made visible. SmartMAP by APX can be used by all existing fire department devices — guaranteeing ease-of-access for any user. 

Richmond Fire and Rescue

“Having critical information such as fire flows, hydrants, structure size, etc. for all of our high risk, commercial, public and residential buildings at times of emergency is critical for our department. The APX SmartMAP is a powerful software that gives us instant access to the most critical urban information in seconds.” Deputy Chief Kevin Gray, Richmond Fire Rescue Department. “The return on investment for us is clear and instant—less risk, quicker response, less cost incurred by the department on critical calls.”

About APX Data

Is an innovative emergency service software company that delivers valuable and life saving capabilities to fire departments. APX Data (http://www.apxdata.com) has developed a suite of intuitive, mobile-based, easy to use solutions that is currently being leveraged by 1,000’s of fire department users and protecting more than 50,000’s high risk structures with real-time mobile access to accurate data when seconds count.   

About Richmond Fire Rescue Department

Richmond Fire Rescue Department has a reciprocal emergency response relationship with its bordering neighbours, the cities of Vancouver, Delta and New Westminster. Richmond provides backup services to the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) – airside operations. Services are delivered from seven fire halls on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week basis. The Department employs over 200 fire personnel.

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