Our CityScape Platform is Perfect For:

Smart City Applications for Building Services

Building Services

In todays society, data now lies at the heart of everything we do—from our personal lives, to work lives, and the blurred line in between. And with that data comes an opportunity to streamline adjacent and complementary industries, creating the reality of truly Smart Cities, and therefore smarter results.

Smart City Applications for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement & Millitary

Imagine a world whereby law enforcement and military personnel would have a single source, comprehensive database of pre-plan information and the ability to push that information to the responding units on the ground as they need it.

Smart City Applications For Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Though highly unfortunate, it doesn’t change the reality: the majority of fire and emergency services remain locked in an archaic desktop-based record management practice—with no centralized system or true smart mobility capability to immediately implement effective pre-plans.