It’s for this reason that we designed the CityScape Smart City Application Suite to enable the collection and sharing of data through a highly versatile and customizable platform—data that becomes the epicenter for all those involved. It’s this unique approach to data accessibility that enables multiple parties within a Smart City environment to share and access data based on their secure rules and requirements.

Whether it’s Fire Departments that require highly accurate data as it relates to Emergency Pre-Incident Plans; Law Enforcement and Military Personnel that require in-depth insight as it pertains to internal building schematics, as well as onsite information to more safely and effectively engage in tactical maneuvers; or for the vast applications of building management including inspectors, HVAC companies, engineers, and more, who wish to capture and manage data for more streamlining and efficiency—in all cases, the data captured by all parties can be shared and cross-pollinated based on highly customizable individual rules, protocols, and permissions—all within a highly secure environment.

CityScape :: SmartCapture

APX’s revolutionary SmartCapture application combines highly intuitive mobile device software and cloud services to enable easy, efficient, secure and robust capture and management of building and onsite data.

The application enables the user to easily plot locations of highly detailed internal views and building records on the SmartCapture map that can then be accessed by a single tap or via search. Furthermore, customizable forms enable the collection of highly diverse data.

Within the SmartCapture application, photos, existing images, and documents can be captured. Additionally, customizable icon sets enable any image to be annotated and linked to other information in the form. SmartCapture also automatically manages the more technical aspects of data capture including data compression, device orientation, network connectivity, and more.

SmartCapture even works in poor network conditions, seamlessly syncing data to the cloud when conditions permit. And a web administration console provides a dashboard that reports capture/update activities. 

And, with an ever-present focus on IT security, SmartCapture provides robust security through user account authentication combined with roles-based access controls, data encryption, and access audit trails. 

CityScape :: SmartView

APX’s SmartView application provides a means for rapid and easy access to information captured by SmartCapture—all fully operational within any modern web browser on iOS, Android, and Windows environments—guaranteeing ease-of-access to any designated user.

SmartView easily enables the user to access any type of data needed, including the location of all SmartCapture buildings on a map, and a search box that enables rapid access to all building records. SmartView also delivers the ability to immediately share building records with team members by sending a temporary link via email or mobile text message—invaluable for interagency interoperability at times of emergency.

Upon selection of a building, a highly intuitive graphical-user-interface enables incredibly easy access to all information captured. Users can navigate by section headings, or by simply tapping on annotation icons on images. And like all personal mobile devices, the SmartView interface works like any other personal application, enabling the user to intuitively swipe through categorized images with ease, pinch to zoom for more detail, and more.

And when it comes to security, APX is at the leading edge, ensuring that a web administrator provides a dashboard that reports sharing and access activities. Furthermore, SmartView uses advanced cryptographic certificates to allow easy but secure access without having to manage logins. Security is further enhanced through use of data encryption for all information transfer.

Smart City Applications for Building Services

Building Services

In todays society, data now lies at the heart of everything we do—from our personal lives, to work lives, and the blurred line in between. And with that data comes an opportunity to streamline adjacent and complementary industries, creating the reality of truly Smart Cities, and therefore smarter results.

Smart City Applications for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement & Millitary

Imagine a world whereby law enforcement and military personnel would have a single source, comprehensive database of pre-plan information and the ability to push that information to the responding units on the ground as they need it.

Smart City Applications for Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Though highly unfortunate, it doesn’t change the reality: the majority of fire and emergency services remain locked in an archaic desktop-based record management practice—with no centralized system or true smart mobility capability to immediately implement effective pre-plans.