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  • Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s office is leading a statewide transformation to digital records for inspections

  • Pioneers in the US for fire education and enforcement, the state continues to demonstrate their leadership

  • Strengthening Nebraska fire compliance while preserving life/property through prevention

Ottawa, May 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — APX Data., today announces the first-of-its-kind partnership with the State of Nebraska, to leverage APX’s most advanced Mobile-First Fire software, statewide. The Nebraska State Fire Marshal Agency has selected APX and is going fully digital and mobile with a leading edge mission critical smart mobile solution, giving the state the ability to efficiently create, manage, and access fire data records — in the palm of their hand. 

The mission of the State Fire Marshal Agency is to strengthen Nebraska by preserving the life and property of the commonwealth through fire prevention, education, and enforcement.
Nebraska Fire Marshal Office

APX Data has been supporting firefighters since 2011 with mission critical software that helps fire departments rapidly digitize and scale their fire prevention, suppression, and compliance programs. Using smart mobile technology, fire departments now have access to trusted critical visual building data, delivered in real-time when they need it, where they need it — on mobile tablets and smartphones. Firefighters with this capability are better armed to protect their community through safer, faster responses while reducing community risk. 

“Smart Mobile technology, wireless data networks and software from APX are transforming the Gov Tech Sector and Fire Departments by providing leading-edge capabilities while reducing community risk,” said Paul Martin, President/CEO of APX Data. “APX continues to lead and partner with governments to deliver true Smart City capabilities, and deliver a “Future Now” mobility, and data transformation.”

The Nebraska State Fire Marshal Agency was created in 1909 by a legislative Fire Commission Law. Today, they continue to show their leadership, responsible for safety inspections, fire investigations, natural gas pipeline safety, storage tank regulations, emergency responder training, hazardous materials response, fireworks & fire alarm inspector licensing, building plan reviews and enforcement.

APX serves thousands of fire department users throughout North America, and will expand to thousands more active users this year.  Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices in Virginia, USA, APX was first to market in introducing mission-critical smart mobility capabilities tailored specifically for the fire market with its advanced seamless solution called CityScape, modernizing the ability for Fire Departments to collect, manage, and access critical building data, including Preplans and Inspections.  

About APX Data: www.apxdata.com

About the Nebraska State Fire Marshal Agency: www.sfm.nebraska.gov/agency/agency-overview

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