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COVID-19 has brought significant impacts in many areas for fire departments across North America, from operation issues, increased spending on PPE, to even training challenges. But one thing that we are consistently still seeing in the fire industry is rapid adoption of technology, helping fire departments stay compliant, under budget, and collect the building information they need (fire pre-plans and inspections) during these unprecedented times.
As vaccinations roll out, and some areas start to open up, it’s time to look towards the leading fire departments who implemented the easiest fire data collection tools to bridge the gap between inspections and pre-plans. Software tools that enable modern and efficient collection and management of data essential to keeping communities safer. High Ridge Fire District implemented APX Data in the Summer of 2020 and reached new levels of their mandate. High Ridge is on track to have 100% of their information, digitally recorded in their district. Further, this same critical information is available in seconds to any fire engine company with 1 click.

“We’re on track to meet 100% of all our structures [pre-planned and inspected] within our district this year. That will be the first time ever!

Ron Tisius

Division Chief / Fire Marshal, High Ridge Fire District

Watch as High Ridge Fire District explains their experience in managing risk reduction and making their communities safer.

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