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The Future Of Fire Fighting Is Here With Data You Know & Trust — SmartMAP by APX

We’ve reached out to fellow firefighters across the community to better understand what you need in times we are currently in. The answer, a new way to view your city and surface key information, such as building size and fire flow requirements, quickly.

SmartMAP by APX gives users instant access to:

  • Property specific information like building size, location and type.
  • Nearest Hydrants, flow capabilities and fire flow requirements.
  • Additional data such as fire pre-plans and last fire inspection reports.
  • And much more…

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There is no need to add more risk to your job.

APX Data solutions can significantly reduce on-the-job risks with a cost-effective and easy to use solution that can be implemented within 24 hours.

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NAFI Fire Safety

"Whether it is a small community or a large metro department, being leery of “Big Data” is no longer an excuse... or accepted." Great article from @fireengineering, Fire Departments need the right tools to protect cities as they get smarter. https://www.fireengineering.com/2020/06/19/489809/leveraging-building-intelligence-smart-firefighting-and-smart-cities/#gref

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