The Importance of Being First Due: Understanding Fire Department Lingo

A “first due” refers to the fire department that is responsible for responding to an emergency call in a specific area. The term is often used in the context of determining which fire department should respond first to a call, based on the location of the incident.

When a call comes in to a dispatch center, the dispatchers use a system to determine which fire department has jurisdiction over the area where the emergency is taking place. This is known as the “first due” department. The first due department is then dispatched to the scene of the emergency.

It is important for firefighters to understand and be familiar with their first due area, as they will be the first to arrive at the scene and will play a crucial role in initial fire suppression, search and rescue, and other emergency operations.

In addition to responding to emergency calls, the first due department may also be responsible for fire prevention and education, code enforcement, and fire investigation in their designated area.

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Last Updated on February 28, 2023