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When local budgets are being slashed, Fire Department services remain in high demand and growing. Modernizing is the only way departments can remain on top of their game.

If you’re not getting the essential data to help make decisions and optimize your Fire Department’s operations, you’re jeopardizing your response effectiveness.

You would never consider sending your fellow firefighters to an emergency without proper equipment, so do not risk sending them in blind without the information they critically need to increase their safety and response effectiveness! Firefighters rely on solid information to make split-second decisions. With modern, mobile technology, data is the only way to have a full picture of risks within your community and gives firefighters what they need at times of emergency. Without this, you are jeopardizing your response and taking on too much risk. Your department can achieve 100% compliance with ISO, NFPA, and other state-wide standards and more importantly have the information your department needs–instantly.

(The Ghost Ship warehouse is seen in this aerial view from 31st Avenue and International Boulevard in the Fruitvale district of Oakland, California, on Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017. Originally published in The Mercury News, December 17, 2019 )

Delaying using the latest data collection tools is only increasing risk and massive costs, like Oakland, CA experienced after its $32 million ghost ship fire settlement. Adopting technology for a department is no longer a barrier, it’s an opportunity. Smart mobile digital tools are affordable, easy to use, and provide instant details on your fire district, by surfacing the right information at the right time – instantly. Modernizing Fire Prevention Officers are also making incredible improvements in productivity gaining access to more building inspections than ever before. Currently, 1,000s of firefighters have already transformed overnight, it’s that easy, offering instant real operational cost savings..

Fire Prevention Officers are making incredible improvements in the productivity of pre-planning and inspections.

It’s also about choosing the right technology solution and APX Data is leading this charge. Here is what our customers are saying;

“When I was first introduced to APX, I immediately saw how it solved the issues affecting the district’s ability to do pre-planning. I thought to myself, with an app in the truck and apps in the hands of inspectors, everything is updated in real-time, that was perfect.” Cliff Robinson, Fire Marshal, Florissant Valley Fire Protection District

Within 24 hours, Florissant Valley was able to implement APX Data. Inspection times were cut by 33%, fire pre-plan targets were 100% achieved within the first year, and they enhanced their ability to administer and manage their programs.

Want to know more about how this can transform your department, contact us and we would be happy to share more.

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