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“The world is going digital and standards are getting more complex… digital platforms make it easier to have all [needed] information applied to the problem.” Jim Pauley, President NFPA.

Emergency situations are a distracting place, with information coming from everywhere. However, it’s important to access, in seconds, data to help you make the best possible decision and ensure the safest outcomes. This all begins with how you manage your communities’ much-needed information (preplans and inspections), and achieve your fire departments’ risk compliance at the same time.

You’re already aware of purpose-built equipment, and that same principle must be applied to the tools your fire department uses in our modern world. Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Record Management Systems (RMS) have been around for 20-30 years and were never purpose-built for field data collection or smart mobility. They were built to serve the simple functions that their labels point to. Using them beyond their initial intent puts your fire department at risk of not being compliant, or worse, unprepared at times of emergency. Using today’s mobile-first capabilities that were designed for easy and fast collection/sharing of information, means your fire department can collect your communities’ much-needed information in minutes, and ensure that it is instantly available to your engine companies and first responders. 

Using software beyond its purpose-built intent puts your fire department at risk of not being compliant, or worse, unprepared during an emergency.

You also don’t need a “one platform solution”, you need a solution that easily integrates with your CAD and RMS systems, seamlessly–supercharging those technologies that you’re already using. Seamless integration, with tools you are already familiar with, gives you the quickest access to the information you need at times of emergency.

“Being able to identify the locations over Google Maps, so we can see the building before arrival is something that would help us [rig drivers] out. Also, a technology that tells us where the hydrants are will help us better get our bearings and best position the rigs. I think firefighters would jump on the technology that will help us be better prepared with efficient information that helps us do our jobs more effectively.” Regina Wilson, Firefighter, FDNY.

Watch as APX explains how they are meeting the needs of Fire Departments, like FDNY.

Your firefighters need the right information at the right time, so they can make the best possible decision based on trusted data. Contact us to learn more and ask about our integrations with the software you’re already familiar with.  

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