The Role of a Fire Marshal in Fire Prevention and Safety

A fire marshal is a professional who is responsible for enforcing fire safety codes and regulations within a community or organization. They work to prevent fires from occurring by inspecting buildings and identifying potential fire hazards. They also work with building owners and managers to ensure that fire protection systems are installed and maintained properly. In the event of a fire, fire marshals may also investigate the cause and origin of the fire to determine if there were any code violations or criminal activity involved. They also play a key role in public education, teaching people about fire safety and how to reduce the risk of fires in their homes and workplaces. Overall, fire marshals play a critical role in protecting the public from the devastating effects of fires by working to prevent fires from happening in the first place and by investigating fires to determine their cause and origin.

Firefighters use APX Fire RMS Software solutions to inspect, investigate, map, pre-plan, fire hydrant and NFIRS report to their firefighting operations.

Last Updated on February 22, 2023