Understanding Zones: How Firefighters Divide and Conquer Structural Fires

Zone” is a term used by firefighters to refer to a specific area or section of a building or structure that they are responsible for during firefighting operations. Firefighters are typically divided into teams or groups, each of which is assigned a specific zone to focus on. These zones may include different parts of a building, such as the basement, first floor, or upper floors, and may be designated based on factors such as the location of the fire, the type of building, or the layout of the structure.

Firefighters use the concept of zones to help coordinate their efforts and ensure that all areas of a building are being effectively searched and protected. By dividing the building into smaller, manageable sections, firefighters can more easily identify potential hazards and areas of concern, and can also more effectively communicate with one another and with command staff.

Firefighters use APX Fire RMS Software solutions to inspect, investigate, map, pre-plan, fire hydrant and NFIRS report to their firefighting operations.

Last Updated on February 22, 2023