Unlocking Next-Gen Data & Artificial Intelligence For Fire Departments

by | Mar 1, 2021

Unlocking Next-Gen Data & Artificial Intelligence For Fire Departments

by APX Data and OpsCentral


  • Relevant urban data now available for any incident, instantly and on any mobile device.

  • Leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and data are changing how Fire Departments respond to 911 calls.

  • Major breakthrough for Fire Departments accessing critical information when seconds count.

  • Instant access to conditions such as weather, hazard, vitals, building details, and more.

Ottawa, March 1, 2021 — APX Data and OpsCentral, today announces a first-of-its-kind partnership to leverage the most advanced technology ever delivered to Fire Departments in North America. Leading-edge mission-critical capabilities using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and up-to-date data for all emergencies.
OpsCentral, and APX Data, who are supporting firefighters with the right information at the right time, have partnered to deliver access and display the most critical urban data possible. Both companies are leaders in aggregating data from a range of new and existing sources, such as IoT sensors, surveillance cameras, drones, vitals, building information, weather conditions, making this announcement vital for fire departments and first responders. As partners, OpsCentral and APX are committed to delivering affordable, leading-edge capabilities that will dramatically improve how firefighters protect their community.
OpsCentral and APX have joined forces to deliver a more comprehensive solution comprising of data on all conditions around incidents that will ensure safer, faster responses while reducing community risk – information instantly available on route and at their fingertips.
“Data and smart mobile technology, has forever changed the way people live, work and play and now Fire Departments will be able to also take advantage of the same capability tailored specifically for their needs during any emergencies,” said Paul Martin, President/CEO of APX Data. “Our companies combined objective is to deliver the best capabilities and information to fire departments and this partnership, will ensure every response will have cutting edge information during any emergency.”
“At OpsCentral, our vision is to enable, empower and support firefighters as they face daily challenges doing what they do best – saving lives, and property,” said Debby Murphy, President of OpsCentral. “We are in the information age and access to real-time, relevant information coupled with AI is the bridge closing the gap between siloed data sources and the right information. AI is going to continue to learn and the more sources of data we ingest, the more we can do to protect emergency responders.”

This partnership brings together leaders in AI and Smart Mobile Data and leading mobile capabilities to Fire Departments, helping and giving them an upper hand to protect their community by reducing risks.

Since 2011, APX launched its leading solution platform called CityScape which currently serves thousands of fire department users throughout North American with inspections, preplans, and investigations with plans to expand to more than 100 additional cities by the end of the year.
OpsCentral, evolved from one of Bridgewest subsidiaries formerly known as Provoke Solutions and worked extensively with Fire and Emergency since 2000. OpsCentral has developed expertise in creating solutions founded on a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing firefighters today.
APX Data, headquartered in Ottawa Canada with offices in Virginia, was first to market in the US and Canada introducing mission-critical smart mobility solutions tailored for the fire services & today serves 1,000’s of firefighters in North America.
OpsCentral, headquartered in New Zealand with a California office, is the first software that leverages AI and emerging technologies to connect the dots between siloed data sources to augment the intelligence and experience of incident commanders and firefighters and support them in making critical decisions.
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