SmartInvestigate Software by APX

– Simplify Investigate Process and Comply with the NFPA 921 Guideline 

We heard it many times, long hours of paperwork is frustrating and discouraging. That is exactly what happens when you are collecting evidence, piecing it together for creating these daunting comprehensive post-fire incident reports. Especially when information is stored in different places and your final report must follow each item of NFPA 921 standard.

Fortunately, you can now conduct standardized investigations using step-by-step guide from SmartInvestigate via your mobile devices. The software enables you to complete investigations right in the field and produce corresponding legally compliant documentation easily and efficiently.

Watch the demonstration SmartInvestigate to see how to:

  • Complete an NFPA 921 report in minutes…
  • Do more with less…
  • Increase departmental ROI and efficiency…


Date: May 19 2022 — 12:00 PM ET
Length: 60 minutes




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Paul Martin, President and CEO of APX Data

Paul Martin has devoted his career to public safety. He has helped departments across Canada and the United States through his work with Airbus and Motorola Public Safety Divisions. He is currently the founder and CEO of APX Data, a company devoted exclusively to helping fire departments modernize their fire prevention, response and fire investigations through the use of mobile technology. 

Alex Craib, Customer Care & Product Manager of APX Data

“SmartInvestigate is a valuable addition to the modern fire department’s digital toolbox. All personnel are held to, and follow, the same standards of data collection and report generation for investigations, making it simple for the department to meet NFPA 921 standards. The digital data collection and auto-generation of investigation reports also removes duplication of effort, as there’s nothing left to do back at the station.

If you’re looking for a tool to bring your fire investigations into the 21st century, this is it.“

Alex Bowlby

Deputy Chief of Pinellas Park Fire Department