Wet Down Ceremony: A Tradition in Firefighting

A wet down ceremony is a tradition in the fire service that is typically held after a new fire truck or fire station has been put into service. The ceremony is a way for firefighters to officially “bless” the new equipment and dedicate it to the protection of the community.

During the ceremony, firefighters use a fire hose to douse the new truck or station with water. This symbolizes the importance of water in firefighting and serves as a reminder of the firefighters’ commitment to protecting the community.

The wet down ceremony is typically a celebratory event, with speeches from local officials and representatives from the fire department, as well as food and drinks for attendees. Family and friends of the firefighters, as well as members of the community, are often invited to attend.

Wet down ceremonies are a way for firefighters to honor their history and traditions, as well as to show their commitment to serving their community.

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Last Updated on February 22, 2023