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(Firefighters in Verdun in January 2020. PHOTO BY JOHN KENNEY /Montreal Gazette file photo)

A Class 1 Public Protection Classification (PPC) from the Insurance Services Office (ISO) is one of the highest possible ratings for any Fire Department. You and your department are among a prestigious group — less than 1% of Fire Departments have achieved an ISO 1 score! Achieving this standard requires teamwork and dedication. But what if you’re not an ISO 1, how can you improve your score? Or in the case of an ISO 1, maintain it?

Getting your entire Fire Department on the same page regarding risks and threats in your community, along with streamlining your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and internal communication processes will have a tremendously positive impact on your ISO Score. It will also keep your firefighters and community members safer. With today’s smart mobility capabilities, data collection tools built by Firefighters for Firefighters, you can easily improve your next ISO score rating with efficient, effective, and valuable software.

Hall County Fire Department adopted APX Data to collect pre-incident plans and inspections. Upon implementation increased their efforts by 340%, reduced their liability, and improved their ISO rating from 3 to 2.

We’ve inspected every building & pre-planned every business in our County in less than 12 months… APX made it easy, and we are getting them done.”  Bryan Cash, Division Chief, Hall County Fire Services.

It now takes less than twenty minutes to digitally capture and catalog the details required to pre-plan and inspect an entire property – ensuring full mapping of your community without adding man-hours or increasing the workload for your firefighters.

Implementing the right data collection software for pre-incident plans, inspections and investigations will;

  • Improve your ISO score during your next audit
  • Increase the safety of your community 
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Best prepare your emergency response capabilities
  • Make your community safer

Receiving a prestigious ISO rate, anywhere from 3 to 1, is commendable, and while the standards have not fully caught up with the latest software that is available to your Fire Department, they will soon, making items like “the gold standard” harder to achieve as the bar rises. Luckily, it’s also easier than ever to implement the latest tools to stay ahead of the rising bar, and keep your community and team safer.

Let us walk you through the process and show you how to implement the latest pre-plan, inspection, and investigation software that will help you help your community. 

We’ve helped 1000s of firefighters achieve the next level of community safety – it’s easy and affordable. Contact us to learn more.

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