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Our Company Mission

Making communities safer by providing smart actionable data for first responders.

Our Story

Welcome to APX Data 

APX Data founder Paul Martin spent 25+ years in public safety and saw the industry lag in comparison to others when it came to technology adoption and innovation. While emergency services are mandated to collect pre-plans of commercial and public buildings, they lag when it comes to collecting or using data to prepare themselves in advance en-route to an emergency.

Tragic events like the Charleston 9 incident on June 18, 2007, which was the deadliest fire firefighter disaster since the September 11 attacks, enforced the notion that emergency responders had to stop risking their lives by running in blind.


Findings by government committees such as NIST in the United States and DRDC/Public Safety in Canada further concluded that solutions to protect emergency responders and critical infrastructure were urgently needed. Yet technology was lacking, as SmartMobile technology like the iPhone and iPad were only introduced in 2007 and 2010. 

Working hand-in-hand with first responders and academia, APX was formed in November 2011 and developed a suite of easy to use, user-driven solutions that help first responders reduce risk and save lives by providing real-time access to accurate data or information at times of emergency.

APX CityScape solutions are employed in over 70+ cities across North America and are backed by powerful but easy-to-use software and world-class customer support which have helped APX achieve a Net Promoter Score (NPS) over 90 percent.


WHo We Are

Executive Team

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

President and CEO

Warren Gallagher

Warren Gallagher

Chief Technology Officer

Susan Robbins-Parsons

Susan Robbins-Parsons

Chief Financial Officer

Sam Wehbe

Sam Wehbe

Chief Revenue Officer

WHo We Are

Board of Directors 

Claude Haw

Claude Haw

Brad Forsyth

Brad Forsyth

Tony Sottile

Tony Sottile

Susan Richards

Susan Richards

Teams & Open Positions

Come join a rising-star start-up making a difference in peoples lives. APX is stacked with great people, awesome technology and is backed by some really smart people.

Marketing and Sales

The marketing and sales teams at APX help drive awarness and adoption of our industry leading CityScape suite.

Account Executive

Why This Role May Be for You:

You’re looking for a place to fast track your sales career, the chance to be surrounded by awesome people committed to your success and a product that’s disrupting a billion-dollar market.

APXdata.com is an Ottawa based software company that is a “Startup to Follow” according to the Ottawa Business Journal. https://issuu.com/greatrivermedia/docs/ottawa_business_journal_march_2019/34

We Offer You:

A rising-star start-up making a difference in peoples lives as you stacked with smart people, great technology and backed by some really smart people.

A collaborative company and team selling environment where you will partner with colleagues and engage cross-functionally to close business.

A fun, people-oriented culture where your experience matters and growth will be all around you.

A competitive base pay package with unlimited earnings potential.

A chance to be part of something bigger with people committed to your success offering a product that will make a difference. We are transforming the market from ancient ways to new modern advanced fast capabilities!

What You Will Do:

Navigate buyers to new ways of running their department by understanding the complexity of their environment and showing them how to transform their ways.

Go toe-to-toe with emergency responders because you are using your thoughtful style and measured understanding of their business challenges and how our solution will change everything by providing real life-saving value.

Present a fresh point of view to potential clients to consider and challenge them on preconceptions.

Thrive under pressure and lean into your desire to consistently compete and win.

Deliver presentations in a compelling manner.

Develop a pipeline of opportunity beyond what is needed to achieve your sales goals, nurture leads and cultivate strong relationships that enable you to meet or exceed your sales quota.

Product Development

The APX product organziation helps support and develop our industry leading solutions for Emergency First Responders.

Software Developer
APX is an Ottawa based software company that is a “Startup to Follow” according to the Ottawa Business Journal. 
If you are full stack software developer who wants to help make our communities safer by bring advanced software tools to Fire Fighters and other first responders, then APX is where you want to be.
APX offers location-aware mobile and web software that aids Fire Departments in:
  • Creation of image-rich, annotated pre-incident plans for critical buildings.
  • Navigating these pre-incident plans at time of emergency.
  • Inspecting buildings for fire and life safety code compliance.
We are seeking an intermediate software developer who:
  • Wants to make a difference in public safety
  • Loves to see the direct impact of the work they do
  • Is a team player
  • Loves to learn
  • Has 3+ years experience with Angular1.x, Vue, NodeJS/Express
  • Has experience with or a desire to learn iOS development in Swift

Support and Operations

Support and operartions help deliver world class customer support to APX customers all over North America.

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