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APX Fire RMS software

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Learn pre-incident planning with SmartTrainer


SmartMAP by APX allows Incident Commanders and Firefighters access to critical information in seconds. A single tap provides property specific information like building size, location and type, nearest fire hydrant information including flow capabilities and fire flow requirements, and a seamless integration with Google Maps.





Fire inspections with SmartInspect


Easy-to-use fire pre-plan software that harnesses the power of integration – one step and you’re done in the field.

Share critical information with SmartCapture


The SmartInvestigate Application enables fire
investigators to launch or complete investigations
easily and effecitently that automatically outputs a
record keeping document for use in any legal

Fire inspections with SmartInspect


Easy-to-use app that allows for quick completion of fire inspections, along with accurate and instant access to data. It capitalizes on APX’s existing advanced technology already found in its CityScape platform, already used by many fire departments for pre-incident planning. 

Single Solution

Instant access to hydrant locations, fire pre-plans, inspections and more — anywhere, anytime.

All cities require comprehensive, actionable data to manage the magnitude of scale represented by evolving urban growth & technology. Data in the Fire Service is a critical component of the daily job of firefighters. CityScape fire mapping, pre-planning, and inspection fire response software bring an effective and intelligent approach to manage everything — from building data hazards, violations, and detailed reporting. APX fire records management software is able to integrate with your CAD solution making it a single solution for all your needs.

Fire inspections with SmartInspect

Easy to use customizable forms that fit your needs

Get all your inspections and fire pre-plans done with a simple, customizable solution.

With the APX fire RMS of fire pre-planning and fire inspection software, firefighters can reduce risk to themselves and their communities by quickly and easily creating image-rich, shareable and interactive building and onsite data records.

APX Data CityScape Fire Software

Easy Integrations

APX Data easily integrates with your current Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD)



How APX’s Software helps Marco Island Fire-Rescue Department


APX Data provides Fire Records Management Software to help fire departments reduce risk to themselves and their communities by quickly and easily creating image-rich, shareable, and interactive building and onsite data records.


Chris Armstrong Hall County Fire

“we were able to show 100% of our completed up to date inspections and pre-plans…”

With the new Smart Mobile CityScape solution from APX, Hall County Fire Services just went through an ISO audit and for the first time in the department’s history, we were able to show 100% of our completed up to date inspections and pre-plans.

Chief Chris Armstrong
Hall County, Georgia, United States

Fire Chief Tracey Kujawa Wausau Fire Department

“APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters…”

We moved to APX smart mobile technology which has allowed us to easily capture and enter the information and provide department members immediate access to digital pre-plans. As a result, APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters and heighten preparedness with ease and cost efficiency.

Fire Chief Tracey Kujawa
Wausau Fire Department, Wisconsin, United States

Fire Chief Kim Ayotte Ottawa Fire Service

“The data we collect will prove invaluable when responding to critical incidents…”

During our 3-month pilot, our members learned how quick and easy it was to capture valuable, NFPA compliant pre-incident plans. The data we collect will prove invaluable when responding to critical incidents. The capability of this software will enhance our preparedness and assist in keeping our community safe.

Fire Chief Kim Ayotte
Ottawa Fire Service, Ontario, Canada

Compliant with NFPA
Improve IOS rating
Compliant with NAFI

Frequently Asked Questions

Any departments near me using APX?

APX has 1000s of firefighters using our software, across the country, on a daily basis. Chances are there is one near you. All of our customers readily act as references, and are more than happy to share their experience with any prospective users.

Could this be used to also collect additional types of data?
Absolutely. The flexible form configuration allows the APX solution to easily meet the various data capture needs of our customers.
Is APX compatible with CAD, RMS, CMS, GIS, etc?
The APX solutiion utilizes open APIs, so the technical foundation is in place for APX to interface with most other systems.

With APX, you won’t have to start from 0. We can work with you to import your existing data from your RMS, CMS, or other data sources.

Will the APX solution allow me to easily collect easy-to-use, easy-to-understand data while on site?
Yes. uniform data collection based on drop-down menus reduce the ambiguity of SOP/technical terms, while enabling inspections & pre-plan data to be quickly and accurately completed. Data collision detection allows for multiple users to work on the same plan, using separate devices. Images can be easily annotated with icons, drawings, and text to further enhance the collected information within the pre-plan or inspection record.
Can you have PDFs available for backup?
Yes. The APX solution allows customer Admins to export their data to a number of formats, including PDF.
Can it work outside of internet coverage?
Yes. The APX solution allows users to both capture and use data without persistent coverage. Capture users can save the data locally to their device, and can sync up any changes when connectivity is re-established. View users can sync down the data while in coverage, and then have access even if connectivity is lost.
What are the differences between APX and CAD or RMS?

RMS/CAD implementations can take 2+ years to complete; APX provides a turn-key solution that's easily adoptable (low price, ease of use/training/configuration) by the department to solve your data-capturing needs today, while having that data interfaceable with your current & future systems. The APX solution can be adopted risk-free, as all your data belongs to you and can be imported in any future modern system.

Can you import data from other internal databases to give us a running start?

APX can import your existing data, allowing you to leverage work already completed. With APX, you don't have to start from 0. 

For Firefighters

Easy To Use Firefighting Software

Working hand-in-hand with firefighters and academia, APX fire RMS has developed a suite of easy to use, user-driven fire pre-planning and inspection solutions that help firefighters reduce risk and save lives by providing real-time access to accurate data or information at times of emergency.

Fire Department Software That Fits Your Needs

The job of a firefighter is one of community service and personal danger. Firefighters put their lives on the line to protect people and property in communities across North America. However, the job is made more dangerous when the data they need is unreliable or inaccessible. It’s time for that to change.

Data plays a critical role in the work of a firefighter—but organizing, managing and reviewing that data is a time and paper intensive process. APX Data wants to make fire departments like yours safer and more efficient with service software designed to easily integrate with your current Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD). 

Working hand-in-hand with firefighters and academia, APX fire records management software has developed a suite of easy to use pre-planning, inspection and fire response software to give your fire station an intelligent way of managing data. Get insight into building hazards, safety violations, hydrant locations, fire pre-plans, inspections and more and build mobile-enabled, software-forward programs in your station to reduce risk to you and your community. With one simple software solution, your fire agency will be able to get your inspections and fire pre-plans done quickly and accurately and produce detailed reports that comply with NFPA 921.

APX Fire RMS will make your fire department paperless and prepared. Real-time access to accurate data reduces risk to firefighters by providing them a reliable and seamless way to access the data they need when they need it. That’s why APX Fire RMS’s suite of software services every step in the process: pre-planning, inspection, mapping, sharing and reporting. The full suite of customizable software, including APX SmartCapture, SmartInspect, SmartMAP and SmartView will give you the ability to capture and manage onsite data, conduct fire code assessment compliance inspections, access essential building and city data, and share your records all from your phone or tablet.

In emergency situations, you don’t have the luxury of time or second-guessing yourself or your data. APX Fire RMS suite is designed to integrate with your systems and programs to reduce fire station risk and keep your firefighters safe.