Streamline Emergency Response with APX Fire RMS

Response coordination with our integrated Fire software suite. Empower your team to respond faster and more effectively with our innovative software tools and solutions.

Efficient & Affordable
Fire RMS Solutions

Efficient & Affordable
Fire RMS Solutions

APX delivers a full solution or tailored products for your needs.  Our adaptable platform streamlines critical and complex activities like Planning, Response, Investigation, Inspection, and Reporting within one system.

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Revolutionizing Public Safety Software

An all-in-one cloud solution, created to streamline your entire operation from a single solution

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Customizable Products

Choose a Comprehensive Solution or Select Tailored Products

Incident response map

Provide information on virtually all buildings in your response area, encompassing details such as building size, location, type, nearest hydrant specifics, and more.

Every Structure

Dispatch Notifications

Share information

Hydrants information

Pre-plans and inspection reports

Incident response map

Pre-incident planning

Gather data and instantly develop a fire pre-plan using your mobile device, regardless of your location, with immediate access to pre-plans upon creation.

Real-time, easy to use

Image capture and annotation

Offline functionality

Customizable forms and fields

Improve situational awareness

Pre-incident planning


Inspectors can complete activities on-site using a mobile device, eliminating the need to return to the station to finish reports.

Complete Inspections On-Site

Manage inspections and schedules

Track activities

Enforce compliance

Permits and Invoicing



Efficiently collect field data with a mobile device, removing redundancy and securely saving findings. Auto-generated PDF reports for closed investigations are available to Admin users. Access dashboards showing open/closed investigations, fire types, causes, and investigator statistics.

Data collection in the field

Autogenerated Reports

NFPA 921 Compliant

Investigation Dashboards


NFIRS Reporting

Simplifies NFIRS reporting, replacing complex software with an easy, form-based input. Enjoy a seamless user experience, submit reports anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With full NFIRS 5.0 compliance and USFA vendor approval, ensure top-quality reports.

Field and Form level validation

Smart mobile platform

Automatic compliance updates

Statistical incident reporting

NFIRS Reporting

Community Outreach

A dedicated solution designed for fire safety to efficiently manage events and activities within your community. This user-friendly platform enables the seamless organization and coordination of community initiatives, fostering stronger connections and promoting public safety awareness.

Track activities

Community engagement

Extend fire prevention efforts

Produce reports

Community Outreach

Our Mission

We are passionate about our work, just as every firefighter values their role in safeguarding the community. Our mission is centred around a steadfast commitment to fire safety, and we take pride in specializing in this crucial area.

By concentrating solely on the needs of firefighting professionals, we can provide user-friendly solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Our aim is to equip them with the right data at the right time, empowering them to protect lives and property with confidence and efficiency.

Our customers

We are proud to serve customers across 39 states in the USA and in all provinces throughout Canada. Our wide reach reflects our dedication to providing exceptional fire software to firefighting professionals in both countries

Hall County Fire Services


Ottawa Fire Services


Florissant Valley Fire


Vancouver Fire Rescue Services




Nebraska State Fire Marshal




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What our customers said

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Marco Island Fire-Rescue Department, FL

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Nebraska State Fire Marshal

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West Vancouver Fire Rescue, BC

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South Sioux City Fire Department, NE

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West Vancouver Fire Rescue, BC

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West Vancouver Fire Rescue, BC

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High Ridge Fire District, MI

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Kearney Volunteer Fire Department, NE

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Johns Greek, GA

We were able to show 100% of our completed up to date inspections and pre-plans…

With the new APX fire software, Hall County Fire Services just went through an ISO audit and for the first time in the department’s history, we were able to show 100% of our completed up to date inspections and pre-plans.

Chief Chris Armstrong

Hall County, Georgia, United States

APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters…

We moved to APX Fire Software which has allowed us to easily capture and enter the information and provide department members immediate access to digital pre-plans. As a result, APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters and heighten preparedness with ease and cost efficiency.

Fire Chief Tracey Kujawa

Wausau Fire Department, Wisconsin, United States

The data we collect will prove invaluable when responding to critical incidents…

During our 3-month pilot, our members learned how quick and easy it was to capture valuable, NFPA compliant pre-incident plans. The data we collect will prove invaluable when responding to critical incidents. The capability of this fire software will enhance our preparedness and assist in keeping our community safe.

Fire Chief Kim Ayotte

Ottawa Fire Service, Ontario, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

APX has about 2000 firefighters using our fire software, across the United States and Canada, on a daily basis. Chances are there is one near you. Our customers readily act as references and are happy to share their experiences with prospective users. What state are you interested in?

Certainly, we’ve designed a versatile platform to accommodate your requirements and budget. You can purchase a single product and start using it. Later, you can expand by adding more products or opting for the all-in-one solution to obtain comprehensive Fire software.

Our solution is designed as a mobile-first platform, enabling you to accomplish tasks in the field seamlessly. We have developed a mobile app that allows you to conduct inspections, and investigations, prepare NFIRS reports, and more, all from your tablet or phone. This way, you can complete tasks on the go with ease.



APX can import your existing data, allowing you to leverage work already completed. With APX fire software, you don’t have to start from zero.

Yes. The APX solution allows users to both capture and use data without persistent coverage. Capture users can save the data locally to their device, and can sync up any changes when connectivity is re-established. View users can sync down the data while in coverage, and then have access even if connectivity is lost.



The APX solution utilizes open APIs, so the technical foundation is in place for APX to interface with most other systems. 

With APX fire software, you won’t have to start from zero. We can work with you to import your existing data from your RMS, CMS, or other data sources.

Our fire software is cloud-based and hosted on Microsoft Azure, a trusted provider used by major government agencies. We ensure our customers benefit from Tier 3 data centers that are fully redundant, offering robust cyber and physical security measures.


Working hand-in-hand with firefighters and academia, APX has developed a suite of easy to use, user-driven fire pre-planning and inspection solutions that help firefighters reduce risk and save lives by providing real-time access to accurate data or information at times of emergency.

Fire Department Software That Fits Your Needs

Data is vital for a firefighter’s job, but handling, managing, and reviewing this information can be time-consuming and paper-heavy. APX Data strives to improve the safety and efficiency of fire departments like yours by offering fire station software (Fire RMS) that effortlessly integrates with your existing Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD).

Comprehensive Fire Records Management Software for Enhanced Data Management

Working hand in hand with firefighters and academic institutions, APX has crafted a user-friendly fire software suite, encompassing fire incident pre-planning, fire inspection, fire investigation, fire incident reporting and fire response systems. This fire records management software provides your fire station with a smart approach to managing data. Gain insights into building hazards, safety violations, hydrant locations, fire pre-plans, inspections, and more. Establish mobile-enabled, fire software-driven programs in your station to reduce risk for you and your community. With a single fire RMS solution, your fire agency can efficiently and accurately complete inspections and fire pre-plans, generating detailed reports in compliance with NFPA 921.

Transforming Fire Departments with Firefighter Software and Fire Rescue Systems

APX Fire RMS will revolutionize your fire department into a paperless and well-prepared organization. Real-time access to accurate data minimizes risk to firefighters by providing them a dependable and seamless way to obtain crucial information when needed. That’s why APX Fire RMS encompasses every stage of the process with its firefighter software suite: pre-planning, inspection, mapping, sharing, and reporting. The full set of customizable fire rescue systems, including APX SmartCapture, SmartInspect, SmartMAP, and SmartView, enables you to capture and manage on-site data, perform fire code assessment compliance inspections, access essential building and city data, and share your records—all from your phone or tablet.

 In emergency situations, there’s no room for wasting time or doubting your data. APX Fire software suite is engineered to integrate with your existing systems and programs, reducing risk at the fire station and keeping your firefighters safe.