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Efficiently access critical information for Incident Commanders and Firefighters, enhancing safety during emergency responses.

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Instant Access to

Dispatch Notifications for your devices.

APXData provides email and API integration for dispatch’s CAD systems. While firefighters continue to receive the main alert through their pagers, APXata’s integration guarantees that crucial information from the CAD message is sent to them through various channels such as text, voice, app, and email alerts. This information encompasses incident details and mapping information.

Share information

This feature allows for instant sharing of vital information between team members, enabling enhanced coordination and decision-making during emergency situations.


SmartMAP fire district mapping software includes these critical benefits

Instant access to mission critical location-based information collected and maintained by local trusted sources.

Trusted Data collected from previously made pre-plans and building information provided by your Geographic Information System’s (GIS) Department.

Easy to use interface that provides easy access to critical water source data, building data, and other valuable information.

Highlights the closest water source to a selected address, and surfaces key information such as required flow rate, the nearest hydrants to meet these flows, and distance between the building and hydrants.

Automatically calculates the building area for a selected address, along with fire flow requirements, based on National Fire Academy (NFA) requirements.

Secured Access removing the need to manage multiple log-ins.

Accessible from any device such as iOS, Android, and Windows environments — guaranteeing ease-of-access to any designated user.

What our customer said

Marco Island Fire-Rescue Department, FL

Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Kearney Volunteer Fire Department, NE

South Sioux City Fire Department, NE

Johns Greek, GA

We were able to show 100% of our completed up to date inspections and pre-plans…

With the new Smart Mobile CityScape solution from APX, Hall County Fire Services just went through an ISO audit and for the first time in the department’s history, we were able to show 100% of our completed up to date inspections and pre-plans.

Chief Chris Armstrong

Hall County, Georgia, United States

APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters…

We moved to APX smart mobile technology which has allowed us to easily capture and enter the information and provide department members immediate access to digital pre-plans. As a result, APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters and heighten preparedness with ease and cost efficiency.

Fire Chief Tracey Kujawa

Wausau Fire Department, Wisconsin, United States

The data we collect will prove invaluable when responding to critical incidents…

During our 3-month pilot, our members learned how quick and easy it was to capture valuable, NFPA compliant pre-incident plans. The data we collect will prove invaluable when responding to critical incidents. The capability of this software will enhance our preparedness and assist in keeping our community safe.

Fire Chief Kim Ayotte

Ottawa Fire Service, Ontario, Canada

Customizable Products

Choose a Comprehensive Solution or Select Tailored Products

Incident response map

Provide information on virtually all buildings in your response area, encompassing details such as building size, location, type, nearest hydrant specifics, and more.

Every Structure

Dispatch Notifications

Share information

Hydrants information

Pre-plans and inspection reports

Incident response map

Pre-incident planning

Gather data and instantly develop a fire pre-plan using your mobile device, regardless of your location, with immediate access to pre-plans upon creation.

Real-time, easy to use

Image capture and annotation

Offline functionality

Customizable forms and fields

Improve situational awareness

Pre-incident planning


Inspectors can complete activities on-site using a mobile device, eliminating the need to return to the station to finish reports.

Complete Inspections On-Site

Manage inspections and schedules

Track activities

Enforce compliance

Permits and Invoicing



Efficiently collect field data with a mobile device, removing redundancy and securely saving findings. Auto-generated PDF reports for closed investigations are available to Admin users. Access dashboards showing open/closed investigations, fire types, causes, and investigator statistics.

Data collection in the field

Autogenerated Reports

NFPA 921 Compliant

Investigation Dashboards


NFIRS Reporting

Simplifies NFIRS reporting, replacing complex software with an easy, form-based input. Enjoy a seamless user experience, submit reports anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With full NFIRS 5.0 compliance and USFA vendor approval, ensure top-quality reports.

Field and Form level validation

Smart mobile platform

Automatic compliance updates

Statistical incident reporting

NFIRS Reporting

Community Outreach

A dedicated solution designed for fire safety to efficiently manage events and activities within your community. This user-friendly platform enables the seamless organization and coordination of community initiatives, fostering stronger connections and promoting public safety awareness.

Track activities

Community engagement

Extend fire prevention efforts

Produce reports

Community Outreach

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Fire incident mapping software

Know what lies ahead with APX Data’s SmartMap, an easy-to-use mapping software that gives you fire hydrant information and access to fire inspection reports and the latest building data all from your mobile device. Part of APX Data’s CityScape suite of apps, SmartMap connects Incident Commanders and firefighters with the critical on-site information they need to reduce risk and be successful.

In a couple of taps and a matter of seconds, you’ll have a holistic understanding of your location with the ability to see hydrant information, water flow requirements, structure size, satellite view, street view, pre-plan information, and your latest fire inspection report. Fire department mapping software is a new way to access the critical information you rely on to respond safely to every emergency call.

Be prepared with fire hydrant software

Using incident mapping software will help you reduce risk and injury on the job. SmartMap will prepare you for every emergency call by giving detailed property and building information including size, location, type, and dimension by floor.

You’ll be ready to face any obstacle as the SmartMap app provides fire hydrant and gas mapping, flow capabilities and flow requirements based on National Fire Academy (NFA) recommendations.

Building and location mapping at your fingertips

SmartMAP incident mapping software gives you instant access to mission critical, location-based information and building data collected from previously made pre-plans and provided by your Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department. In a matter of seconds, you’ll know the closest water source to your GPS coordinates, the required flow rate, the nearest hydrants to meet those flows, and the distance between building and hydrants.

The app works on iOS, Android and Windows and integrates with any Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, guaranteeing accessibility no matter who is using it and where. Mapping your location and its vital statistics has never been easier or more accurate. Proceed with confidence using SmartMap.

Frequently Asked Questions

APX Data SmartMap is a mapping solution offered by APX Data that provides visual representation and analysis of fire pre-planning data. It allows users to access and interact with pre-incident plans on a map-based interface, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making during firefighting operations.

Yes, APX Data SmartMap is designed to integrate with other APX Data solutions, such as SmartCapture and SmartView, creating a comprehensive fire pre-planning and response ecosystem. It also offers the ability to integrate with existing Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, enabling seamless data sharing and interoperability.

Incident Response Map

Working hand-in-hand with firefighters and academia, APX has developed a suite of easy to use, user-driven fire pre-planning and inspection solutions that help firefighters reduce risk and save lives by providing real-time access to accurate data or information at times of emergency.