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SmartInvestigate allows for quick and seamless data collection in the field from your iPad or iPhone, making users more efficient by removing duplicate data entry and saving investigation findings to the secure APX server.

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NFPA compliant investigation

Autogenerated Reports

SmartInvestigate automatically generates investigation reports in PDF format for all closed investigations. Reports are saved to the APX server, and are accessible to Admin users for back-up, for reporting, or for use in any legal proceedings

Investigation Dashboards

View data-rich dashboards on the numbers of open/closed investigations, fire types, and suspected causes in your response area, or get statistics on the number/nature of investigations completed by each investigator.

What our customer said

Marco Island Fire-Rescue Department, FL

Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Kearney Volunteer Fire Department, NE

South Sioux City Fire Department, NE

Johns Greek, GA

We were able to show 100% of our completed up to date inspections and pre-plans…

With the new Smart Mobile CityScape solution from APX, Hall County Fire Services just went through an ISO audit and for the first time in the department’s history, we were able to show 100% of our completed up to date inspections and pre-plans.

Chief Chris Armstrong

Hall County, Georgia, United States

APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters…

We moved to APX smart mobile technology which has allowed us to easily capture and enter the information and provide department members immediate access to digital pre-plans. As a result, APX has helped us decrease the risk to our firefighters and heighten preparedness with ease and cost efficiency.

Fire Chief Tracey Kujawa

Wausau Fire Department, Wisconsin, United States

The data we collect will prove invaluable when responding to critical incidents…

During our 3-month pilot, our members learned how quick and easy it was to capture valuable, NFPA compliant pre-incident plans. The data we collect will prove invaluable when responding to critical incidents. The capability of this software will enhance our preparedness and assist in keeping our community safe.

Fire Chief Kim Ayotte

Ottawa Fire Service, Ontario, Canada

Customizable Products

Choose a Comprehensive Solution or Select Tailored Products

Incident response map

Provide information on virtually all buildings in your response area, encompassing details such as building size, location, type, nearest hydrant specifics, and more.

Every Structure

Dispatch Notifications

Share information

Hydrants information

Pre-plans and inspection reports

Incident response map

Pre-incident planning

Gather data and instantly develop a fire pre-plan using your mobile device, regardless of your location, with immediate access to pre-plans upon creation.

Real-time, easy to use

Image capture and annotation

Offline functionality

Customizable forms and fields

Improve situational awareness

Pre-incident planning


Inspectors can complete activities on-site using a mobile device, eliminating the need to return to the station to finish reports.

Complete Inspections On-Site

Manage inspections and schedules

Track activities

Enforce compliance

Permits and Invoicing



Efficiently collect field data with a mobile device, removing redundancy and securely saving findings. Auto-generated PDF reports for closed investigations are available to Admin users. Access dashboards showing open/closed investigations, fire types, causes, and investigator statistics.

Data collection in the field

Autogenerated Reports

NFPA 921 Compliant

Investigation Dashboards


NFIRS Reporting

Simplifies NFIRS reporting, replacing complex software with an easy, form-based input. Enjoy a seamless user experience, submit reports anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With full NFIRS 5.0 compliance and USFA vendor approval, ensure top-quality reports.

Field and Form level validation

Smart mobile platform

Automatic compliance updates

Statistical incident reporting

NFIRS Reporting

Community Outreach

A dedicated solution designed for fire safety to efficiently manage events and activities within your community. This user-friendly platform enables the seamless organization and coordination of community initiatives, fostering stronger connections and promoting public safety awareness.

Track activities

Community engagement

Extend fire prevention efforts

Produce reports

Community Outreach

A Digital Revolution For Fire
Departments Is Underway

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Feature Rich Fire Investigate Software

Mobile Based

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Complete your fire investigations from your device

SmartInvestigate, APX Data’s fire investigation software, makes it easy and efficient for fire departments to launch, organize and close NFA compliant investigations from their phones or tablets.

Streamlined data collection

SmartInvestigate makes data collection easy and efficient. The app will guide you through the NFPA 921 checklist to ensure you capture the right details. Use the drawing and text editing tools to record your observations, highlight evidence and clearly communicate your findings. Once you close your investigation, SmartInvestigate auto-generates a report for use in any legal proceedings and stores it on the secure APX Data server.

Beginning to end oversight

The SmartInvestigate app gives you oversight into all fire investigation activities. The data-rich dashboard provides insight into open/closed investigations, fire types, and suspected causes in your response area. All changes to open investigations are logged by the system, tracking who did what for any audit purposes. You can even assign or close investigations from your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

APX Data SmartInvestigate is an investigative solution offered by APX Data that streamlines fire investigation processes and improves efficiency. It provides fire investigators with a comprehensive platform to collect, manage, and analyze data during fire investigations.

APX Data SmartInvestigate offers several key features to assist fire investigators, including:

Case management: SmartInvestigate provides a centralized platform to organize and manage fire investigation cases, including case details, notes, photographs, and associated documents.


Evidence tracking: Investigators can record and track evidence related to each case, ensuring a clear chain of custody and facilitating thorough analysis.


Investigation workflows: SmartInvestigate supports customizable workflows, allowing investigators to define and follow standardized investigation processes, ensuring consistency and completeness.


Collaboration and communication: Investigators can collaborate within the platform, sharing information and updates, and ensuring seamless communication among team members.


Data analysis and reporting: SmartInvestigate provides tools for analyzing data and generating comprehensive reports, helping investigators draw insights and present findings effectively.

Fire Investigate Software​

Working hand-in-hand with firefighters and academia, APX has developed a suite of easy to use, user-driven fire investigate software​ solutions that help firefighters reduce risk and save lives by providing real-time access to accurate data or information at times of emergency.