CityScape data is used to effectively and intelligently manage everything—from building infrastructure, to guiding emergency services through extreme incidents, to enabling law enforcement and military to mitigate risk and to keep citizens safe.

A Highly Versatile & Customizable Platform

CityScape is designed to enable the collection and sharing of data through a highly versatile and customizable platform—data that becomes the epicenter for all those involved. It’s this unique approach to data accessibility that enables multiple parties within a Smart City environment to share and access data based on their secure rules and requirements.

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Living in a digital “New World”

Shave minutes from your emergency response time: Move from paper or windows desktop software to mobile-first technology

Share Data Instantly
Via Mobile-First Technology

With fully integrated mobile-first technology, users can leverage mobile devices of any kind to gather and access data—instantly and securely. Further, the data captured by all parties can be shared and cross-pollinated based on highly customizable individual rules, protocols, and permissions—all within a highly secure environment. 

Our CityScape Platform is comprised of three distinct robust applications:


APX’s revolutionary SmartCapture application combines highly intuitive mobile device software and cloud services to enable easy, efficient, secure and robust capture and management of building and onsite data.


APX’s SmartView application provides a means for rapid and easy access to information captured by SmartCapture—all fully operational within any modern web browser on iOS, Android, and Windows environments—guaranteeing ease-of-access to any designated user.


SmartTrainer, designed by APX solely for emergency services, will give first responders the ability to easily and quickly familiarize themselves with their city through enriched pre-incident plans created with SmartCapture.

CityScape Platform Application Coming Soon


SmartInspect is a mobile app which is part of the APX CityScape Suite cloud service that allows fire inspections of premises to be digitally captured, stored and access instanlly – replacing pen/paper.

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